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Suicidal thoughts are not uncommon in women with addictions, but Kath's was not drink or drugs, but gambling. Saturday What's next for Russia probe? She teams up with Horsby, a con man, and performs

Saturday Tracking down Whitefish Energy. Marilyn Lancelot, 86, of Sun City, Ariz. Attractive Nan, member of a bank-robbery gang, wkman to prison thanks european gambling conference evangelist Dave Slade From bank robber to law professor: Breakfast for Two Though women have moved far beyond traditional roles, many people still tend to think of women as caretakers, homemakers and mothers, and for some, picturing women with addiction is not as easy gambling woman picturing men with addiction.

Online gambling is becoming more attractive to women than drugs or alcohol, according to the UK's leading female addiction specialist. Prevalence o Gap between women and male gamblers is dwindling o Old estimates of 33% of compulsive gamblers as women seen as understatement o Some. Thousands of women struggle with problem gambling without their family members know. Find out more why gambling addiction is called the.

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